Sony's PS4 to launch in holiday 2013

But next-gen console may not hit Europe till 2014
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Sony will launch its next generation console, PlayStation 4, in the US this year during the build-up to Christmas, it has revealed.

The "Holiday 2013" release date is a quick turnaround given that the system has only just been officially announced, with Sony stating that further reveals surrounding the hardware capabilities will also be unveiled in the run up to launch.

It also stated it would unveil more details at a later date about games from third-party developers and publishers, indies and SCE Worldwide Studios over the next few months.

Despite a 2013 launch for the PS4 in the US and Japan, the UK’s release date may yet slip into 2014.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said it was too early to announce if the console could be launched simultaneously worldwide.

He added that although Europe was an “enormously” important market for Sony, it was not making any promises on a release date for the region at this time.

"It's too early to say,” he said.

"For one thing the system has to be complete and we have to understand the manufacturing pace of it. Then we have to kind of look at the demand predictions and we have to decide whether we can go global or like [the rumour]. So it takes more time for us to know that.

“For us, Europe is an enormously important market. That's no question. So I hope European consumers can play PS4 as soon as it's available somewhere, but I'm not making promises."