Southpaw launches TACTIC 2.0

Asset management system aims to tie content pipeline together
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Canadian tool developer Southpaw has launched version 2.0 of its TACTIC asset management system.

The software aims to not only manage digital assets, but also control their flow through the pipeline. The new Pipeline Editor allows users to visually tie together pipeline processes, while a new Browser and Custom View Builder means views can be customised for different user types.

"Our goal has always been to keep everything open and all things possible," said Remko Noteboom, CTO of Southpaw.

"With TACTIC 2.0's innovative advanced new features, facilities can construct and integrate their own pipelines seamlessly across various departments, creating limitless potential for project and tool customization."

Stefan Gillard, general manager of technology at Omnilab Media, added: "We selected TACTIC because of its easy integration and modern underlying architecture that can scale to meet our production teams' complex content demands. We've also been very impressed with the support and openness of the Southpaw team, who has worked closely with us to ensure that TACTIC's product functionality will continue to evolve with our studios' growing needs."



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