Space Engineers dev opens $100k modding fund

Studio releases source code for game and VRage engine
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Keen Software is offering $100,000 to fund modders who want to build total conversion mods based on Space Engineers or VRage engine.

The studio is also giving away complete access of the game's source code to the public to encourage the creation of more mods. The title has more than 3,000 mods and 100,000 items uploaded on Steam Workshop.

“We’ve been working for months to find a way to give our community a bigger role in Space Engineers development,” said Keen Software CEO Marek Rosa.

“We finally decided that the best way was to give them 100 per cent access to the game’s source code. We are also aware of the risks that this decision has but our team is prepared to face any challenge that may appear. We are very concentrated on the game’s development and I assure you that we will continue at the same pace as we have done for two years and deliver a game that everyone will love playing.”

You can obtain the source code for Space Engineers and the VRage engine on GitHub.

You can view a brief guide on how to access and download the source code below. Further details can be found on the Space Engineers site.


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