Star Citizen embroiled in refunds debate

Argument ignites after studio cancels $250 pledge
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Over a quarter of Star Citizen backers say that a publically available refund option should be available to anyone who has contributed to crowdfunding the space sim.

The debate has been sparked following RSI’s decision to ‘cancel’ the $250 pledge of 3000AD founder Derek Smart, PC Gamer reports. RSI also chose to deactivate Smart’s account against his wishes.

The refund notification sent to him reference section five of Kickstarter’s T&Cs, which state that projects are able after successful funding to “cancel and refund a backer's pledge at any time”, thus dissolving any previous obligations.

"It was obvious he was not a supporter of our project and was just using our visibility as a platform to gain attention and promote his current game and his past games," RSI later explained. "We have strict rules about people using our forums and chat for self-promotion and it was clear that he didn’t care about the project, or the backers, or a good game being made. He was just trying to create a huge fuss to make himself relevant at a lot of other people's expense and distress.”

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