Starbreeze acquires US developer Geminose for $7m

Fee for toys-to-life studio could rise to $10m based on sales performance
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons publisher Starbreeze has acquired LA-based developer Geminose for $7m.

The studio is currently developing a new IP targeted at children combining physical toys with games, similar to the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

Geminose founders Cos Lazouras and Foo Katan will join Starbreeze at the company's new US office, also based in LA, and will continue leading production on the new IP.

The cost of the acquisition could eventually rise to $10m based on positive sales over a five-year period.

“Geminose will be a valuable addition to the Starbreeze portfolio, expanding and diversifying our intellectual properties and product-range," said Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint.