Start Your Own Studio: Top tips needed

Learned a thing or two from starting up your own studio? Share your advice with us and help future developers
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The next issue of Develop will feature our popular Start Your Own Studio special, and we want your top tips for aspiring developers.

We're looking for advice from both experienced developers and thriving start-ups, taking the lessons they have learned to help future studios on their path to success.

Tips can cover any topic relevant to starting up a new studio. Where do you start? How do you recruit a team? What funding do you need and where can you get it? How should you promote your new business and what you're working on? Do you need a publisher? What tools or equipment do you recommend? What business and legal considerations need to be taken into account? What pitfalls do most start-ups fall into, and how can they be avoided?

If you've got something to offer, email We'll need your name and company, as well as a high-res headshot of yourself.

Send us your advice by 5pm on Friday, October 10th and the best ones will be printed in the magazine.


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Develop's top tips for start-ups

Thinking of opening your own studio? Developers that have already been through the journey, those that currently are and a range of industry experts share key insights into starting on your best foot