Start-up raises $6m to turn mobiles into consoles

Green Throttle gets backing for mobile app/tv dashboard, controllers, and more
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Green Throttle, a start-up that believes mobile phones are the console of the future, has raised $6 million in Series A funding.

While this may not be the first company to make this argument, Green Throttle takes things a bit more literally.

With a mobile app that acts as a TB dashboard, a few adapters, and a set of controlers, the Santa Clara start-up plans to use mobile phones as consoles.

The Ouya is similar in approach, but Green Throttle is going a good deal further. By removing the console entirely from the equation, users can play the same game on their TV and on the move.

“We believe a large percentage of consumers will use their phones or tablets to play games on a TV, and mobile-to-TV gaming could quickly grow to surpass the console market,” said Green Throttle CEO and founder Charles Huang.

“By building a straightforward way to enjoy mobile games together with your friends, we hope to revolutionize how mobile games are played.”



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