Steam Early Access game Rust makes over $30 million

Garry's Mod also rakes in $30m from sales
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Garry's Mod also rakes in $30m from sales
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Steam Early Access title Rust has made more than $30 million, says the game's creator.

Taking to Twitter, UK developer Garry Newman said his other title, Garry's Mod, had also made over $30m.

Rust has pipped Garry's Mod sales by 0.34 per cent, despite having only been released on Steam last December.

Newman's studio, Facepunch, makes 70 per cent from each sale of Rust, but only 50 per cent of Garry's Mod sales, or $2.50 depending "if it's part of a package".

To date, Rust has sold over one million copies.


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