Steam Machines will be 'front and centre' at GDC 2015

Valve planning to have a "very large presence" in San Francisco this year
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Little has been heard about the Steam Machines, Valve's proposed series of console-style PCs designed for the living room, for quite some time but the firm promises more will be revealed at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The lack of news regarding the hotly anticipated devices has sparked speculation that plans for them have been scrapped, or at least severely delayed, but Valve has refuted this, claiming their GDC plans revolve around the Steam Machines.

"We're planning a very large presence at GDC with Steam Machines being front and centre," a Valve spokseperson told Game Informer.

These words echo a recent statement, in which Valve revealed it would not be hosting its usual Steam Dev Days event in favour of a larger presence at GDC.

Valve's plans for the gaming in the living room seem to coming together, as the company also teased that the final design for the Steam Controller will also be revealed in San Francisco.


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