Steam pulls Early Access game after programmer abandons project

Under The Ocean co-developer Paul Hart left to complete the game as partner quits
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Early Access title Under the Ocean has been removed from Steam after its programmer abandoned the project, leaving just one developer struggling to complete the game.

Programmer Michael Reitzenstein quit the game after “differences in opinion about the future direction” with co-maker Paul Hart. Hart subsequently asked Steam to remove the title, although he has vowed to press on with development and re-release the title once it is in a state he is happy with.

“So this has been quite a while coming it seems, progress has been crawling of late (as you well have might noticed) since we ran out of money at the end of last year, will cut to the chase,” Hart wrote.

“So where does this leave the project without a programmer? Well, it leaves just me left, out of money and maybe against better judgement and out of sheer stubbornness, I am not quitting, I will not declare this project dead. I don't care how long this takes, I don't care how hard, I WILL finish this project, by myself if that's what it takes. I made a promise to finish this project and that is exactly what I plan to do, against all odds."

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