Steam puts GameMaker: Studio HTML5 on sale

Steam sales aren't just for consumers any more
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Steam has held on to its reputation for big discounts by putting the GameMaker: Studio Web Collection on sale for a 75 per cent discount.

Steam began offering software sales last month, but until the launch of the fall sale it was unknown whether or not Steam would offer the same discounts to non-gaming software as it had to games.

GameMaker has already gone a long way to levelling the playing field between those with in-depth coding experience and those whose only claim to game development is a dream.

Now with GameMaker: Studio HTML5 on Steam at a 75 per cent discount, those interested in trying their hand at game development can do so with easy to use tools for about $50.

Those interested in making their own games with the GameMaker software, visit the software listing on Steam.


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