Stewart Kosoy to head Digital Capital product dev

Recently announced game funding vehicle to scoop 25 year veteran.
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Digital Capital has announced that co-founder Stewart Kosoy will head up product development for the new digital funding vehicle.

Kosoy, a former senior partner at Interactive Studio Management, is a 25 year industry veteran, and is credited with ISM's successful management of Digital Illusions, which culminated in the "Battlefield 1942" contract with EA.

"This is a unique opportunity at a pivotal moment in the industry's history," said Kosoy. "With the growth of digital platforms it's exhilarating to see the balance of power swinging back to the developer, and to see more indies enjoying success. At Digital Capital we plan to accelerate that process by treating our developers in the way they deserve - i.e as partners who will share the rewards of our successes."

Digital Capital provides funding, management, and advice in the digital entertainment industry, and investment opportunities for financial partners.

"This new venture is extremely exciting and we’re delighted to have Stew’s expertise steer us through the game industry waters," said Todd Tribell, Co-Founder of Digital Capital.