Stonetrip supports Shiva

The 3D engine company develops a resourceful community website
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A new community website has been released by the 3D engine company Stonetrip.

The website’s purpose is to provide more resources for Shiva’s 22,000 licensed developers.

 “Our community is passionate, smart and growing rapidly,” said Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip.

“As more people find out about the power and ease-of-use of the platform, as well as our single license program, we know that we need to also have the best resources and tools outside of Shiva 3D for the community. The new community site will fulfil that need as we grow the engine and show the world what Shiva can do.”

In addition, Stonetrip has bolstered Shiva 3D’s support for four new platforms; Wii, Palm Web OS, Android and iPad. This adds to engine’s existing iPhone, PC, Linux, Mac and browser-based capabilities.