Strategy dev Cryptic Comet swaps digital for board games

Indie says selling through his own website is 'becoming increasingly difficult'
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Armageddon Empires.jpg

Cryptic Comet’s Vic Davis is leaving digital development to focus on creating board games.

The developer, who has worked on strategic turn-based titles such as Solium Infernum and Armageddon Empires, said it was becoming increasingly difficult to sell games directly through his website.

He added that he felt his programming skills were also becoming tied to an aging and abandoned development platform, which meant making niche titles like his previous games was becoming a “dubious proposition at best”.

“So I’m leaving the digital space and moving over to the card board arena where I hope my design skills can shine,” said Davis.

“It’s a natural transition since my games have all been very board game like. I hope that has been part of their charm.”

Despite the move, Davis said he would continue to provide customer and tech support.