Students shine at Teesside's Vis Awards

Four students awarded six-month contracts at Ubisoft Reflections
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Teesside University's Vis Awards has celebrated its student talent by awarding four of them six-month contracts at Ubisoft Reflections in its Vis Awards.

The awards seek to recognise the skill and knowledge of students within the University's School of Computing, and are held in cooperation with Codeworks GameHorizon and the Newcastle arm of Ubisoft's development empire.

Ole Kristian Homelien, Justin Lim, Wei Xing Yong and Peter Adamson - who won awards for games programming, games design, character animation and modelling respectively - will now receive six-month paid internships at Ubisoft Reflections upon their graduation this summer.

"Winning the Vis awards was an incredible experience, and a great opportunity to get a foot in the games industry door, something that is all the more valuable due to the uncertain economic state," said Adamson. "The fact that my first job in the games industry is with such a major worldwide developer makes this all the more special, and I can't wait to get started!"

Giselle Stewart, general manager at Ubisoft Reflections, added: "We were very pleased that the University of Teesside invited us to sponsor these awards; we were able to spot some new creative talent to further our success as a developer of successful driving games. We were particularly excited about the calibre of students who won the internships and we hope it will be the start of an exciting career within Ubisoft for them."


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