Studios to sue Brash

7 Studios and Zootfly take action to try and recoup money owed by doomed publisher
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Following the news last week that US publisher Brash has been forced to close its doors, it has emerged that two studios have began legal action against the company.

Variety reports LA developer 7 Studios claims that it is owed $468,000 for its work to date on animated movie tie-in of upcoming Tim Burton flick 9, as well as an additional $113,000 for Six Flags Fun Park.

Elsewhere, Slovenien studio Zootfly says it is still awaiting payment of $748,000 relating to its work on Fox TV tie-in Prison Break.

7 Studios CEO Lewis Peterson said of his title: “I honestly believe it would have been the best game Brash had produced. It’s like a cross between Animal Crossing and Carnival Games.”


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