Study: Third of devs unsatisfied by wages

Developâ??s annual salary survey shows that over 60% want a raise within the next twelve months
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Over a third of developers believe their income does not cover the costs of living, new research shows.

Develop’s comprehensive salary survey – which took data from studios all around the world – revealed last month that the average earnings for a developer is £31,964.

But new data shows that 36 per cent of those surveyed were unhappy with their level of income. Sixty per cent expect a raise this year, while one per cent foresee a decline in earnings.

However, the survey’s data revealed that salaries were on the rise – up around £1,500 on last year’s figures.

Meanwhile, 63.5 per cent say they enjoy additional financial benefits to their salary, yet only 58.3 per cent have signed up to a pension scheme.

The full detailed report can be found here.