Sweet 16 for Team 17

UK development stalwart Team17 is preparing to enter its 17th year in the games industry with a next-gen project on the way and a major recruitment drive in the pipeline.
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As the Wakefield-based studio celebrates its 16th birthday this week it has also revealed that it is planning to start a new Wii title in January, having completed Lemmings for PS3s digital platform.

It is also currently putting the finishing touches on PSP and DS titles, and preparing to self-publish Worms through Xbox Live Arcade in the next few months. With a next-gen 360, PS3 and PC title also on the way, things are certainly busy at Team17.

“It's been a fantastic year for Team17 with both Lemmings and Worms performing strongly for us in the Spring and Summer,” said Team17 studio director Martyn Brown.

“We’ve really kicked on since then, with a number of exciting projects on next-gen and the digital platforms. We've got terrific publishing partners and a great portfolio - we're really looking forward to building the studio and taking it to the next level with a great mix of our own and valued publisher IP.”


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Team 17 is one of the longest-running studios still around today. Founded in 1990, it has released an astonishing 140 games in its time, across more than 16 different formats.


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