Switch Galaxy dev Atomicom and JCB team up to take diggers to Mars

Liverpudlian studio working on free-to-play PC title JCB Pioneer: Mars
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Atomicom, the British developer behind Switch Galaxy and Big Bang Racing, has partnered with construction specialist JCB to create a sci-fi survival game based on the firm’s vehicles.

The Liverpool-based studio is developing JCB Pioneer: Mars, an exploration and construction (shock!) game set on the Red Planet. Set to be published by GamesCo, the free-to-play title will hit PC later this year.

Unsurprisingly, players will have the ability to drive a number of the titular company’s construction and mining automobiles in order to try and survive, or they can instead choose to hop out and traverse the environment by foot – although they run the risk of apparently running into “deadly radiation, meteor strikes, dust clouds and electrical storms”.

A base-building element will also be included, with users gathering resources and working with other players online in a multiplayer mode to learn new tech and expand their base.

The game is being built in Unreal Engine 4 and is touted as featuring accurate simulation of the Martian landscape and weather.

“JCB Pioneer: Mars represents the first time that our vehicles have appeared in a sci-fi video game, which is why we were incredibly excited when GamesCo and Atomicom first approached us to collaborate on a Mars exploration title” said Michael Plummer, GM of worldwide marketing at JCB.

“JCB Pioneer: Mars takes the JCB brand in a fresh direction and helps us reach a new audience of gamers. We have a growing fan base of young followers, who we believe will be excited by this new game. JCB Pioneer: Mars will deliver players a truly immersive and exciting JCB experience by bringing futuristic versions of our construction vehicles to life.”