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Tell us what you think about the state of the sector in 2010
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In the wake of the news from our Salary Survey that the average worker in the development sector now earns £31,964, we have launched a new initiative, this time to find out what the industry really thinks of the current state of skills, education and employment.

The skills required to enter game development, and the availability of good staff has been a constant talking point over the past year, and a number of questions are continually raised.

Do our entry-level staff have the abilities required to support our ever-changing, multi-billion pound industry? Which are the skills most valued by employers and what are the criteria upon which prospective employees are judged? Plus, with a general election on the horizon, is the government doing enough to support the continued growth of the industry?

These are the issues our new survey tackles, and we need you to spend just a few minutes of your day telling us what you think. Your opinion matters, and we want to make sure it is represented.

Click here to fill in the survey, or if you prefer a more traditional method, open your print copy of Develop on the centre pages where you'll find the survey in full.

Once we've collated the results, we'll be publishing an in-depth analisis of the concerns, issues and opinions currently shaping the way the development evolves, so be sure to check back with Develop in print and online.

For information on the recruitment advertising opportunities in Develop contact Katie Rawlings.


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