Takedown hits Kickstarter goal with hours to go

Serellan now looking to bring in private investors to complete title
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Indie developer Serellan has surpassed its $200,000 kickstarter funding target with just hours to go.

Led by former Ghost Recon and Halo: Reach lead designer Christian Allen, the project had previously struggled to reach its target after the campaign failed to excite potential contributors into funding it.

But after rejigging its campaign last week by giving the “realistic squad-based tactical shooter” a name in Takedown, and revealing further details of the project, as well as a new trailer, the game saw a huge surge in interest.

The project has now received $221,833 in funding from 5,423 backers, with contributions now closed.

The money is to be used to bring the game to Alpha stage, at which point Serellan will look to convince private investors, which it states are already lined up, to invest in further development of the title.