Team 17 breaks away from publishers

Studio restructures management team as focus shifts to downloads
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Team 17 has turned its back on third-party publishers in favour of digital distribution, the group has told MCV.

The UK-based studio is returning to its publishing roots by increasing the number of downloadable games it produces – at least 15 SKUs in 2010 alone.

The company has only released two boxed games over the last three years, but has produced a string of digital titles under its Worms and Alien Breed franchises.

“Digital distribution has allowed easy and direct access to the game for millions of customers at a time when it has become difficult to get attention at retail,” co-founder Martyn Brown said.

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Team 17 is one of the longest-running studios still around today. Founded in 1990, it has released an astonishing 140 games in its time, across more than 16 different formats.