Team Fortress 2 contributors bag $10 million

Over 400 contributors paid for developing in-game items for Workshop
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Developers creating items for Team Fortress 2 through Steam Workshop have bagged a total of $10 million since the initiative began.

Valve said that the sum had been paid out to over 400 contributors and partners.

Around $250,000 was also recently paid out to more than 60 people who created content for the recent Robotic Boogaloo update – a completely user-generated update.

As well as announcing the landmark, Valve said it had improved the item submissions tool to make it easier for players and developers to submit items to the Workshop.

The new tool will automatically test new creations against a set of pre-determined standards, which Valve said would ensure anything users create would not be “significantly more game-ready”. Users can now also see how their items will render in the game within the tool, further helping to streamline the process.

Items submitted through the tool will now come with a gold star to show users it has been vetted. The next update will exclusively ship gold star items.