Team17 aiming to turn Worms into an unlikely esport

From our sister publication eSportPro
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Worms is perhaps an unlikely candidate to make into an esport, but in a recently interview with our sister publication eSportsPro, Team17 have outlined their plans to make it possible.

“What ultimately decides if a game becomes an eSport is the community itself, and the support you get from your players,” says community manager Jonno Stanton. “What we can do from a developer’s side, we can engage with the right people to give our players a platform on which they can compete and they can craft the scene. Communication is key. Its shows you are listening to the competitive scene, because the quickest way to kill that flame is to starve it of oxygen, and the oxygen they get is exposure and response from the developer to craft what they feel is the right platform for eSports and Worms.”

To make this so, the team have talked about how they're working on an esports variant that reduces the random factor while keeping the player skill required quite high.

You can read the full thing on the eSportsPro website.


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