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Techexcel launches project management tool

DevSpec 3.0 looks to refine project management with straightforward editing tools
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Californian group Techexcel has launched its newest DevSpec project management software.

DevSpec 3.0 aims to allow large project teams to be able to effectively define and manage requirements and specifications, with straightforward editing tools powered by the Wiki Editor.

“Wikis provide a great way to define requirements, especially when multiple stakeholders need to provide input,” says Paul Unterberg, Product Manager of DevSpec.

“The wiki-based approach already has a lot of traction in the industry. Our innovation was to incorporate advanced traceability and management capabilities with the easy-to-use definition technology.

“Using DevSpec, it is easy to see what projects, development items, defects, test cases, and other requirements are tied to an item. This gives a more complete view of the entire process, and reduces risks in other stages of development.”



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