Testronic announce CDSA security accreditation for all facilites

The content delivery and security association accreditation allows the QA and localisation company to offer security solutions for the games industry
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QA and localisation specialists Testronic are now accredited by the Content Delivery and Security Association. The CDSA accreditation means that the company is one of the only ones that provide services for the games industry and developers and offers a high level of security with its solutions.

The CDSA accreditation is designed to help advocate the secure storage of entertainment, software and information. Hacks on entertainment companies are more common with HBO being the most recent high profile victim for Game of Thrones scripts and episodes being leaked.

According to figures from the Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) Global State of Information Security report, security incidents against entertainment, media and communication companies has increased with financial losses in 2016 increasing by 81 per cent.

Testronic provides QA and localisation support to the games, movie and TV industries and the accreditation is a step forward for the company who are looking expand the services it offers.

“Achieving this accreditation is incredibly important to us, our clients and our partners,” said Testronic COO, Keith Ramsdale. “There are real challenges with cyber security in the world today, as you will have seen almost weekly in the news. It’s therefore a huge honour for us to receive this certification, which gives the film and video games industries assurance on our security practices.

“We look forward to working closely with the CDSA and its auditors going forward as we endeavour to provide our clients with the most secure and trustworthy facilities in the content QA, localization and compliance industry."

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