The 10 New Studios to Watch In '08

SPECIAL FEATURE: 2007 is over so check out our studio hot list for 2008...
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Tired of subjective 'best of' year lists and editorial retrospectives looking back at things that have only just happened? Us too. So we're looking forward into this new year, and have put together a special feature naming who we think are the new studios you should keep an eye on in the coming 12 months.

10 studios from across the world, all of them founded in 2007, have made the grade: some of them you'll have heard of, others perhaps not; some are founded by industry names, others are staffed by indie upstarts; some are focusing on 'big' console titles; others smaller downloadable casual games.

All of them have great aspirations in common - they're new, looking to prove themselves, challenge some of the conventions of game development and hoping to stand amongst the big boys after a year of intense consolidation and acquisition in the games development sector.

In no particular order, the chosen studios are David Jaffe's new outfit EatSleepPlay; Codemasters' new Guildford team; Dare to be Digital BAFTA winners Voodoo Boogy; Canadian outfit Smoking Gun, founded by former Company of Heroes developers; Japan's Platinum Games (originally called Seeds), which was co-founded by Capcom veterans Atsushi Inaba, Shinji Mikami, and Hideki Kamiya; former SCi creative director Patrick O'Luaniagh's nDreams; Irish studio Dark Water; Recoil Games, formed by Fathammer and Remedy founder Samuli Syvahuoko; UK student upstart studio Lo-Jen, which has regional development agency support; and American outfit Big Rooster, recently spun out of Human Head.

Profiles of each team can be found in our special feature, available to read here.



The 10 New Studios To Watch In 2008

2007 may have been â??Year of the Moneyâ?? given the large number of big-name industry consolidations and acquisitions, but it was also a year punctuated by new studios opening. Weâ??ve chosen the ten we think you should keep an eye on in â??08â?¦

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