The Agency unlikely to be pay-per-month

Upcoming PS3 and PC MMO from SOE will most likely rely on microtransactions for funding
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The developer behind intriguing PS3 and PC first person shooter and MMO The Agency has said that the firm is unlikely to adopt the monthly subscription model for its title.

Sony Online Entertainment’s senior world designer Kevin O’Hara told Kikizo that: “We’re acutely aware that shooter players are not used to paying monthly fees, so I doubt we’ll go for an outright $15 a month, which works on some of our other projects.

“So we’re checking out Free Realms to see how they’re going to do with their micro-transactions, and we might incorporate some of that. We’ll definitely have some ad revenue models. The Agency’s the perfect place for some in-game product placement.”

There’s currently no release date for The Agency, though 2009 is a possibility.