The perils of multi-format games development

SPECIAL FEATURE: Develop investigates how making games for multiple SKUs has impacted studios
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Staggered release dates, moaning studio execs, performance differences – it’s easy to take a look at the current state of multi-format development and conclude that the problem is bigger than it’s ever been.

We’ve just posted our special investigation into the multi-format development quagmire. Inside, we take a look at the issues surrounding games for such vastly different consoles and the technological issues surrounding parallel programming.

In addition, we talk to people in on the ground floor of multi-platform game development, including representatives from Pivotal, Chemistry, Emergent, Epic and Eidos chief technology officer Julien Merceron, to discuss the problems they themselves face in the contemporary development market.

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With release dates slipping as titles need â??further development timeâ?? and louder groans from coders regarding the trials of contemporary CPUs, we look at how the increasingly contradictory nature of development â?? with studios asked to make one game for a variety of different machines â?? has impacted the industryâ?¦

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