The Stomping Land on the brink as designer quits

Kickstarter success in trouble as communication breaks down within the team
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Kickstarter has received another PR blow with what appears to be the abandonment of another successfully funded game.

Vlad Konstantinov, who was responsible for the game’s dinosaur models, has quit work on the game after lead developer Alex ‘Jig’ Fundora stopped communicating with him.

“I'm sad to say this but I have to temporarily freeze all my work for TLS project,” he said in a forum post. “More than a month has passed since the day when I received the last reply from Jig. I've sent him five messages and haven't got any single reply.

“I don't know, probably he has some serious reasons to ignore me (and whole community) but to my mind there are no excuses for such behaviour. Not to mention the fact that Jig owes me the money for the latest model, he's put me in a very difficult situation because now I will have to pay our texture artist for his work from my own pocket.”

Konstantinov has since confirmed his complete departure from the project.

MCV has the full story.


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