The top five game job vacancies (01.03.13)

This week we look at jobs in the UK from Climax, Reflections, Stainless and Ninja Theory
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Each Week Develop will be scouring its daily-updated jobs page and picks out five top vacancies.

This week we take a look at five roles from across the UK at developers Ubisoft Reflections, Ninja Theory, Climax Studios, Stainless Games and Jagex.

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Best of luck.

This week's top five games job vacancies

1) Lead Gameplay Programmer / Ubisoft Reflections / North East - UK / Click here

2) Lead Programmer / Climax Studios / South East - UK / Click here

3) Tools Programmer / Naturalmotion / South East - UK / Click here

4) Amazing Programmers Required / Stainless Games / Isle of Wight / Click here

5) Senior Producer / Ninja Theory / East Anglia - UK / Click here