This weekâ??s studio profile: Milestone

Develop catches up with the Italian racing specialists
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Our weekly series of studio profiles continues with a look at Milestone, the Milan-based specialist racing studio behind the Superbike series and the Xbox’s Racing Evoluzione.

Growing from a one game company to a multi-game, multi-platform developer in the space of 11 years, Milestone has made a name for itself as a developer of quality licenced racing games. So much so, in fact, that the studio has been courted by two different publishers to make games based around rival licences simultaneously – a rare situation in the industry.

For more on how the studio manages working on both the Superbike licence and the PS2 incarnations of the MotoGP licence, and how they are determined to stay small despite the requirements of this generation of consoles, check out our full studio profile.




With less and less independent studios specialising in racing games left in the market, Develop catches up with Italian developer Milestone as it moves fully into the next generation...

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