THQ gives Vigil Games a 33,000 square-foot studio

Young starting developer set to finish its debut title Darksiders, begins Warhammer game
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Texan developer Vigil Games will be ushered into a large, 33,000 square-foot studio by publishing partner THQ.

The reasons behind Vigil’s studio move are unconfirmed, though a statement from the company praises Austin as a good place to attract new employees.

Vigil is currently working towards the final stages of its debut title; a multiplatform action game called Darksiders. It has since emerged that the group is also aiming to deliver “a Massively Multiplayer Online game based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe”.

Vigil’s Warhammer game is expected to be released in a few years, while Darksiders has seen its release date slip out of 2009 and into the very first day of 2010.

“THQ has signed a lease for 33,000 square feet in the Four Points Centre to house its Vigil Games development studio,” read a statement unearthed by news site Kotaku.

“We are very excited about the strong development talent at Vigil Games and we view Austin as a great location to attract employees engaged in video game development,” says THQ.