THQ Wireless sold to 24Mas

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Games publisher THQ has sold its THQ Wireless mobile gaming division to Swedish firm 24MAS for an undisclosed amount, Mobile Entertainment has revealed.

The company says it will continue to provide THQ and third-party branded apps and content to mobile operators around the world, although THQ will be keeping its smartphone business in-house going forward.

"This agreement and our ongoing relationship with 24MAS will enable us to continue focusing on cutting edge games for Apple and emerging smartphone platforms, while enjoying the distribution services of 24MAS on wireless carrier platforms," says THQ's EVP of global publishing Ian Curran.

ME understands that the deal will see 24MAS getting all THQ Wirelss' catalogue of existing Android content, while THQ will keep iPhone and smartphone publishing going forward.However, 24MAS is likely to handle further distribution for THQ on other platforms.

Meanwhile, 24MAS CEO Tero Turunen says that "The acquisition and ongoing partnership with THQ means 24MAS will have an unparalleled reach to many millions of potential customers globally, both via/for application and content distribution, as well as mobile advertising solutions".

More details on the deal can be found over at Mobile Entertainment