Tiga: 'Outsourcing gives studios a competitive edge

83 per cent of devs hand processes to other companies
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Trade body Tiga has today released a report that highlights the value of outsourcing to UK game developers.

Tiga's research points to the fact that 83 per cent of UK game developers outsource at least one business process. Several game developers commented on the report, including representatives of Ubisoft, Zoe Mode and Monumental.

“As we begin to see the impact of the recent financial crisis along with the ever-increasing scale and expectations of current and next generation games, we are embracing outsourcing as one of the ways we can stay competitive in the global market," said William Brown, associate producer at Ubisoft Reflections.

David Tolley, outsourcing manager at Monumental Games, added: “successful outsource contribution is driven by experience, passion and strong support from internal staff. A few short years ago, outsourcing was almost taboo – now it is a necessity.”

“Our case studies show that a well-managed approach to outsourcing can give UK game developers a competitive edge in the global marketplace," concluded Richard Wilson, CEO at Tiga.