Titan Quest devs take to Kickstarter for new RPG

Grim Dawn raises $75,000 from almost 2,000 contributors with 30 days to go
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Former Titan Quest developers have taken to Kickstarter to continue the funding for the RPG's 'spiritual successtor' on PC.

Already in development since 2010, Crate Entertainment is looking to raise $280,000 for its ‘open world action RPG’ Grim Dawn.

At time of writing the Kickstarter campaign has raised $74,785 from almost 2,000 contributors.

The game, being developed by Crate Entertainment, is staffed by many developers who worked at the now defunct US studio Iron Lore.

The new title will use the same engine and tech used to create Titan Quest and will feature online co-op multiplayer and matchmaking.

Whilst the game has already been available for pre-order and has received backing from fans, the crowd-funding website has been used to help generate the extra cash needed to finish the game’s development.

On its official Kickstarter page, it states that only two members of the team are in a position to be able to support themselves without a salary whilst working on the game, and that to speed up the title’s progress, more staff are needed.

“While we could still finish a fine little game on our own, that would be rough around the edges but very fun, we believe there is a much greater potential that could be realised if we were more adequately funded and staffed,” reads a statement on the Grim Dawn page.

“So we're hoping you can help give us some proper funding so that we can get the team together, start making faster progress and ultimately release a bigger, better game for you and everyone else.”