Titanfall mobile tie-in cancelled in open beta

Particle City closes the game before full launch
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Particle City closes the game before full launch

Developer Particle City has announced the cancellation of its planned mobile title based on the Titanfall franchise, while the game is currently in a closed beta on Android and iOS.

Titanfall: Frontier was a free-to-play strategy card game for mobile devices that put players in the big stompy shoes of Titanfall brigade commanders, pitting them against each other in head-to-head brawls.

Sadly, despite the closed beta that ran through the end of last year, Particle City clearly didn't get the feedback they wanted and have announced that a full launch isn't on the cards. "It is our goal to create the best Titanfall mobile games that showcase the fast-paced action, mobility and, of course, the power of Titans in the iconic series." said Particle City in a post on their facebook page.

"'We’ve learned an incredible amount in the beta test of Titanfall: Frontline, but in the end felt the experience wasn't ready to deliver the intense action-packed gameplay synonymous with Titanfall. While it’s never easy to cancel a game, we’re excited to take some of the concepts we saw resonate with players and build off of them in future Titanfall mobile games. Titanfall: Frontline’s closed beta will be winding down in the next few days, and servers will go offline on January 20, 2017. We want to thank you for your support of Titanfall: Frontline."


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