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Tom Hall heads to mobile developer PlayFirst

Designer likens fast-paced and creative mobile industry to early days of ID Software
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Veteran developer Tom Hall has joined mobile developer PlayFirst as principal designer.

Hall recently worked as creative director at Loot Drop, before leaving to form his own studio Pieces of Fun and run a Kickstarter campaign for “easy-to-use” game creation tool Worlds of Wander.

The project ultimately ended to reach its $400,000 funding goal on March 1st, with Hall now opting to join up with Diner Dash developer PlayFirst.

“With Tom, we are adding an industry superstar who has demonstrated the prowess of his creative talents over the years,” said PlayFirst CEO Marco DeMiroz.

“His versatility across genres and audiences makes him an invaluable addition to the PlayFirst team.”

Hall added: "I really enjoy the fast-paced and creative atmosphere of mobile gaming, it's similar to the early id days. PlayFirst has proven itself to be a really excellent place to explore new ideas and create high-quality casual experiences.

“They’re really committed to making awesome mobile games - real games - and that's why they are so cool. Plus, my wife and I are big fans of Diner Dash!”