Too Easy Games formed by Abertay graduates

Indie studio's first title produced in just four months
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A new studio formed by four graduates of Abertay University has launched its very first game today.

Too Easy Games has launched Trap Mansion for iOS.
The studio was founded just four months ago by game designer Bill Rountree and three of his friends.

Red Radiant Media, a studio formed in 2011 by former staff of Realtime Worlds and Irrational Games, has also assisted with the development and publishing of the game.

Trap Mansion takes place in a haunted estate, where players take control of various unsuspecting individuals who have had the misfortune of stumbling into the building. It’s up to them to lead these poor souls to safety.

Each character is randomly generated and every death helps to populate a personal graveyard, which can be reviewed at leisure.

Trap Mansion is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on the App Store.

Too Easy Games is one of several new studios to settle in Scotland in the last six months. Others include Beartrap and Guerilla Tea.