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Intel Developer Blog: Softtalkblog looks at five ways to improve your app development
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One of my favourite things about the Android community is the way we all muck in together and share our hints and tips for creating the best apps

I was reading a discussion on the Intel Developer Zone this week about tips for developing Android puzzle apps and was inspired to share my own ideas for general Android app development. Enjoy

1. Use progress bars: I can’t stress this enough: progress bars are essential for apps with a lot of data to load. If the user thinks the app has frozen, they’ll exit, or even delete it; so use loading graphics! Make them fun – no egg timers please.

2. Know your users: This won’t just help you deliver the appropriate updates, but it will also allow you to figure out which advertisers to work with. In-app advertising without a decent click through rate makes for a sad developer.

3. Get multilingual: If you’re able to translate your app description to lots of different languages, your audience will boom. If any of your friends speak other languages, get them to do a sanity check – online translation tools aren’t reliable.

4. Customise your UI widgets: The likelihood is that your users will be accessing your app from lots of different devices. To make sure they all see the same screen, you’ll need to customise everything.

5. Go one-handed: If your app is designed to be used on the move, remember the user might be walking when engaging with your content. The best on-the-go apps are usable with one hand, I find.

So those are my top tips for developing Android apps. What are yours? You can share them on the Intel Developer Zone forums.

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