Torque adds iPhone support

GarageGames' popular indie engine expands small-scale development to another market
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GarageGames has announced that its popular Torque engine now supports the iPhone.

According to the release, Torque developers are now able to use the engine's 2D and 3D functionality to create games for the iPhone and presumably iPod Touch. No further details were announced, and GarageGames' website had not been updated with the news at time of publication.

"We've already seen enormous interest in the iPhone within the Torque community. Game developers want to make games for the iPhone and this is a natural step since we're already a very good choice for developing OSX games," said Brett Seyler, GarageGames VP of business development.

"Apple has been great to work with in the past and the very polished iTunes Store as a marketplace for games should encourage developers to continue pushing boundaries on the iPhone without worrying about the usual publishing and distribution difficulties involved in making a successful mobile game."