Torque X gets educational

GarageGames adds XNA engine to academic outreach programme
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Torque X, GarageGames' XNA-based game engine, is now available for academic licensing.

The licence covers version 2.0 of the engine, which we detailed earlier last week, and gives academic institutions access to the 2D drag-and-drop Torque X Builder tool and the source code to the engine.

"Torque provides a compelling opportunity to schools by giving students full source code access to a proven commercial game engine," said Davey Jackson, director of academic and commercial licensing at GarageGames.

"Also, because we offer low cost Indie licenses to Torque, students can create works which they personally own and can publish instead of learning on a technology they would never be able to afford after graduation. Torque X is a fantastic addition to our academic offerings, particularly for schools already working with XNA or for schools with short programs. For students with little programming experience, Torque X is the most accessible 3D game creation tool available today."