Trademark battle lines drawn by Doodle Jump dev

Lima Sky targeting hundreds of iPhone games with 'doodle' name
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Lima Sky targeting hundreds of iPhone games with 'doodle' name

US developer Lima Sky is trying to dissuade other firms from using 'Doodle' in the titles of their games, following the multi-million selling success of its own Doodle Jump.

According to 148Apps, the company is contacting developers via Apple, and also has its lawyers on the case, and has filed a claim for a trademark on the word 'Doodle' in relation to games.

As the website points out, this is quite a task: there are more than 730 approved iPhone apps and games with the word Doodle in their titles.

One developer has posted his experience of dealing with Lima Sky, claiming that while the company does have a trademark on 'Doodle Jump', its application for the Doodle trademark was rejected.

Confusingly, Lima Sky co-founder Igor Pusenjak has told that "We are not claiming ownership of the trademark for 'doodle'," despite the company's lawyers seemingly telling 148Apps the opposite.

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