Troll sabotages Kickstarter with fraudulent €7,000 pledge

2Awesome Studio nearly reaches $25,000, but payment was reversed with 30 minutes to go
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What’s worse than not hitting your Kickstarter target? Thinking you have hit it, only to have that dream taken away.

That’s exactly what happened to 2Awesome Studio whose shooter Dimension Drive was nearing its $25k with only minutes to spare. It seemed that success was to elude the group, only for a mystery backer – going by the name of ‘Jonathan’ – to swoop in with hours to go with a €7,000 pledge.

No sooner had the celebrations begun, however, than they were cruelly cut short when Kickstarter informed the studio that the payment was fraudulent and had been reversed. By which point Dimension Drive’s had just 30 minutes left to reach its target.

The campaign eventually failed, falling short by a painful €6,519. Making matters worse, the celebrations and subsequent disappointment were all streamed live on Twitch.

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