Turn 10 to add Kinect â??experienceâ?? to Forza

Famous racing franchise to mix â??controller-based racingâ?? with motion control
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Microsoft subsidiary studio Turn 10 is working on a forth instalment in the acclaimed Forza franchise, and the group has been tasked with applying motion control to the title.

Yet Microsoft’s popular controllerless device, Kinect, may not be a central component of the game’s racing elements.

A Microsoft spokesperson said Turn 10 had already been using Kinect technology to “let players explore and experience their dream cars like never before”.

But, in a suggestion that the game won’t have Kinect at its heart, added: “Forza Motorsport 4 brings together genre-defining, controller-based racing and the power and freedom of Kinect to create an automotive experience unlike anything before it.”

The title was formally revealed over the weekend at an awards event.