TwelveJ launches training for game developers

Courses from former Criterion exec to teach management techniques
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TwelveJ has announced a range of training programmes specifically designed for game development studios.

The programmes have been designed to address the concerns facing studios as they expand alongside the rest of the industry, with topic areas including ‘leadership for senior management’ and ‘transition to management for seniors and leads’.

Courses take anywhere from two hours upwards, and are presented as workshops, tutorials and seminars.

TwelveJ was founded by Kumar Jacob, who spent nine years looking after HR at Criterion as part of his role as vice president of corporate affairs.

“Having worked closely with development studios of all sizes and shapes over the past 12 years, we understand the needs and challenges they face as the industry continues to grow,” commented Jacob.

“Training is increasingly important to maintain creativity, efficiency and strong morale. This will directly impact on the quality of the game and the work practices. We not only cover areas such as management and leadership but also the functional areas such as programming and art. Our programmes are designed to enable the development studio to reach its goal whilst maintaining or changing its organisational culture. ”

To ensure relevance, TwelveJ’s courses have been prepared with input from SCEE, Media Molecule and FreeStyleGames.

Jamie Macdonald, vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios Europe, added: “TwelveJ has been working closely with our European development studios, helping us to invest in the future by creating world-class training and staff development programmes.”



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