Twintime receives EU funding

Brussels joins local biz dev authorities in granting funds for ambitious prototype
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German studio twintime has received a grant from the European Union commission for its new mystery action-adventure title Odessa Twins - the third highest grant of its scope from Brussels this year.

The EU funding joins another grant from a local business development agency to help develop a prototype of the game, described by the team as a cross between Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Psychonauts and Beyond Good and Evil.

“With the financial support from Brussels we're able to accelerate further development of the prototype," said creative director Stefan Bronneke.

"In its first stage we've designed narration, arena and characters and produced a gripping techdemo involving voice enhanced gameplay. Right now we're in the process of interlinking AI and the dialog system dynamically to have the complex cinematic story bandying when playing numerous suspenseful surprising variations."