Twitter's Fabric for Unity adds full native MoPub support

Integration of monetisation platform for mobile apps includes manual initialisation and deferred SDK activation during onboarding
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Twitter has integrated mobile monetisation platform MoPub with its developer toolkit Fabric for Unity.

Fabric came to Unity in March as a plug-in for the engine – MoPub will be made fully native within the IDE, meaning no extra add-on needs to be installed by devs.

Among MoPub’s touted features is manual initialisation, allowing creators toupdate and customise elements such as Terms of Service before launching monetisation in their games. Automatic initialisation is enabled by default.

Deferred SDK activation during onboarding means that devs can install as many instances of Fabric as necessary while building their app, and complete the kit installation process later on.

In addition, Fabric will automatically manage dependencies, ensuring that kits will remain compatible when updates are issued.