Two Tribes publishes Steam sales data

Developer reveals sales trends within Valveâ??s locked platform
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Netherlands-based developer Two Tribes wants to pull the curtain back on Valve’s digital distribution portal, Steam.

Valve keeps Steam sales data locked tightly away within its games service for PC and Mac, with specific sales numbers rarely seeing light of day without a leak.

Yet Two Tribes, the developer of the recently released Rush, has won permission to publish sales trends of its game.

The studio’s website now features a real-time graph which details fluctuations in the game’s sales.

“There are limits to what we’re allowed to show, actual numbers for instance, but the people at Valve were kind enough to allow us to share daily sales information,” the studio says on its blog.

“We can provide you with an overview of sales increases/decreases in percentages, this should give a good overview of the game’s ups and downs over time”.

Paradoxically, the announcement of the website may bring a sales boost for the studio, with its heightened exposure to the market.



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