Ubi claims three year R&D headstart on Kinect

Microsoft motion control tech backed by French studio
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Ubisoft has given Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect tech a vote of confidence, stating that it has been researching motion control for its games since 2007.

Speaking to VentureBeat at an event in San Francisco yesterday, Ubisoft’s North American chief executive Laurent DeToc said that this research is what lead to the company developing four new games for Kinect, released on November 4.

“This is testament to our belief that Kinect is going to do very well,” he explained.

“For the past 20 years in this business, we have always seen that technology helps the industry to move forward and grow. I believe Kinect leapfrogs what we have seen before.”

DeToc went on to say that the research that Ubisoft had been undertaking for several year prior to Kinect’s announcement has produced features in its launch titles for the platform that other games won’t match.

“This is a new kind of toy,” he said.

“I want to see my six-year-old make funny faces while playing with it.”